2021 Rates


As a ministry there are tremendous sacrifices that we gladly make for furthering God's Kingdom.  We have unfortunately found it necessary to limit our property to those with this same mission as we have found the care for the facilities is sometimes neglected by those who view the property as a "cheap vacation" and who likewise treat it as such. Therefore, at this time we are only open to structured church events and weddings.  If you would like to book an event, please feel free to contact us through our contact on the Home Page.  We so look forward to hearing from you and hope to serve you well!



Groups over 50............$30 per person per night*

Groups of 25-49...........$35 per person per night*

Groups under 25..........$50 per person per night* †  


Due to limited staffing, we are no longer able to provide food service.  You are welcome to use our kitchens at no extra cost.

*Bedding is not included in this price

***Due to cleaning and facility costs, we have a minimum of a two night stay and a $700 charge per night.

† If you are a group under 25, for economical reasons we may double book the property.  Please understand, due to the size of the property, cleaning costs are quite high regardless of the size of your group.